Mona Lisa is hot, beautiful and talented Pakistani actress and model. She has delivered her talent beautifully to the maximum extent in hindi film Kajrare with Himesh. She has also performed best acting in various Pakistani drama serials.

Today, we have collected 10+ Mona Lisa pictures after surfing across different sources on the internet. We hope, you will like this beautiful collection of Mona Lisa gallery.

Mona Lisa Beautiful Actress

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Mona Lisa Pakistani Model

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Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa and Himesh in Kajraare

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Mona Lisa Pakistani Beauty

Mona Lisa Pakistani Model Actress

Cute Mona Lisa

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4 Responses to Mona Lisa Pakistani Actress: 10+ Fabulous Pictures

  1. Usman says:

    Ill Minded Pakistani Actress Mona Lisa is all to set to appear in an upcoming Indian Bollywood Movie Kajrare.
    Mona Lisa is a Actress who is currently residing Karachi and was trapped by an Indian Female director Pooja Bhatt. This is not the debut movie of Mona Lisa as she had made her appearences in a Bollywood Movie Musafir in early 2005 with Sunny Deol and another Pakistani Actress Sana.

    The First Teasers of the Movie are out and Mona Lisa has made all the Pakistani’s so ashamed of having such a Bad Character Girl in Pakistan. Mona Lisa has done the worst role you could expect from anybody in the entire Film Industry.
    Mona lisa is playing the role of Dancer who earns money by performing in front of a rude crowd. She has exposed her body and worked with a really foolish crap Indian Actor Himesh Reshamiyya. Atleast When you are acting outside Pakistan you have to maintain the standards. The Girls like Mona Lisa just for go the script and only focus on earning Money. These Girls sell themselves just for money as their life is all money nothing else.

    We do not have words to condemn the act of Mona Lisa. She has insulted the entire Pakistan in front of international Media. Is this our Culture? The Vulgarity she has shown in the Movie is more then the infidels. I think the best way to stop such b*****s from infecting our Pakistani Society is to punish them with Islamic Rules so that no one else ever dares to repeat such things.

    I think it is the responsibility of all of us to raise our voices against this vulgarity and should try our level best to terminate the Pakistani Nationality of Mona Lisa as she does not deserve to be a Pakistani.

    She should move outside Pakistan to a place where all such Dirty Minded people are welcomed. We do not need such Persons like Mona Lisa. Such a shameful act by Mona Lisa. We highly condemn this Movie and appearance of Mona Lisa.

  2. fenderbirds says:

    nice article, keep the posts coming

  3. azhar says:

    the most beautiful Pakistani actress. although she started her career in about 2000-2001 on Pakistan TV but could not get the recognition she deserved cos of duffers like Usman, who dont hav any taste of beauty or art. she finally got recognition in private tv channels of Pakistan n became the most successful actress of Pakistan. but for actresses like her, the sky is the limit. she just started her career in Bollywood, the mega screen, as compared to small Pakistani tv n film industry, with her film kajrare. she is also doing Pakistani films like gidh, with humayon saeed. we pray for her success n pray that she may get the deserved share in paki n indian film industry.

  4. azhar says:

    and to add to ur information, she did not get into bollywood through any backdoor. she was selected in an audition in pakistan out of 70 girls. and the producer, Bhushan Kumar was so much impressed by her beauty and talent that she gave her 3 films at a time.