Decades ago, one of the premier technological battles was between the Betamax and the VCR. The clear cut winner is arguably obsolete in this day and age,  but there still remains technological wars to be won to this day.

More recently, focus has changed to the battle of E-Readers. Nook versus Kindle. No matter who wins this battle, there will always be two losers. With the introduction of E-Readers in the marketplace, physical copies of books will soon see a Bradbury-esque fate. A little extreme, but hopefully my point was made.

After witnessing most of these tech gadget battles through print and television, it seems the most effective and efficient product comes out as top dog. Which products do you see coming out ahead in the fight for e-readers and game consoles? And do you see anymore electronic wars bubbling under the surface. Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Battles For E-Supremacy


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