Last week Twitter celebrated its 5th birthday, along with the journey to get here through a nice three minute video featuring a number of personalities, politicians and celebrities who love to tweet.

They’ve also released a number of key statistics to help mark the day, revealing that there are now over 460,000 new twitter accounts created each day, along with a 180% increase in mobile users and an average of over 140 million tweets every day, making around 1 billion per week.

When Michael Jackson died, Twitter set a record of 456 tweets per second, but come New Years Eve 2010/11 that record is now 6,939 coming just four seconds after midnight. The record number of Tweets in a day sits at 177 million on March 11, 2011 so far with March 12, 2011 the biggest day for new account registrations at over 572,000 in a single day.


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